Vince Villanova Big Band

Lou Casini, Music Director

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"Lou, please convey the Tempo Club's and my personal best wishes to Vince. Make sure he knows how well received his orchestra was at the dance and that some of his old fans were asking for him. As a new fan I can only say thank you to him for keeping this music alive and vibrant through the years."
Peter Ianniciello, President
Tempo Dance Club, Parkersburg, WV


"Lou, everyone enjoyed the dance. I had a lot of good feedback about your band.
I will be getting in touch about a date for January 2011. Thanks again,

David Beaver
Big Band 200 Club, Wheeling, WV
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"The band was excellent, they were well rehearsed and entertaining, with a wonderful variety of music selections that catered to all ages. The feedback from the audience was extremely complimentary, they loved the band. I plan to have them every year"

Tim Birch, City of Wheeling, Division of Operations (July 7, 2010)


"Hey Tim---Wedesday nite was a real winner...loved every minute...that's my kind of music...thanks

Gilda Reed, audience member at Wheeling Heritage Port, sent to Tim Birch


Oh my goodness! Lou, you guys were      A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and thanks for those waltz tunes. I enjoyed the dance very much and thanks for giving my dance kids a chance to show what they knew.

again, great job. and wow, that singer was terrific. everyone talking about her.

Hope i get to attend another dance where you guys are playing. Do you have a list of events or places where you will be so I can come? or buy tickets? or whatever.

Please keep in touch.

Jan Ream

Franciscan University

P.R. Department

when asked if we could quote her:

Thanks for answering Lou, and yes, you can quote me that I think you are Awesome - for sure - everyone should know about you guys. And now that we have heard you play we will be looking to come to wherever you are.

thanks again, keep in touch.

Jan  (October 23, 2010)


We all had an outstanding evening!  Everyone raved about your performance! We would love to have you back!  (October 23, 2010)

Kathy Burd Muscari
Director of Student Activities and Programming


I thank "you" and your fellow musicians for a 1st Class performance and for making our party such a wonderful experience.  I continue to receive many telephone calls and thank you notes with rave reviews about your performance.  Hopefully, one or two of those translate into a future gig for all of you.  

 On behalf of the Gaudio Family, please extend my sincerest appreciation and heartfelt  "thank you" to each and every musician who performed at our party, including your vocalist.  You guys (and gals) are real pros.  You not only made our party a resounding success, but you also brought immeasurable Christmas joy to all those in attendance.  All of you are so very blessed to be able to touch not only the hearts and minds of your listeners, but their very souls.  Again, please accept my sincerest gratitude for your performance.

      Michael Gaudio, Esq.

      December 19, 2014


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